About Terry Prince

Terry Prince cares deeply about organization and its effect on people’s day-to-day lives.  She enjoys helping people reach their goal to live more productively and calmly in their business and residential world.

She has been a strong advocate and leader in the field of study of organization and the development of professional educational programs. She is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, coach and consultant on the subjects of organization, productivity, and chronic disorganization.

Her clients include Corporations, the Federal Government, local government agencies, non profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Terry is a co-author of The Clutter-Hoarding Scale, (published by the NSGCD/ICD), a residential and environmental assessment tool actively used today by many fields. Terry is also the author of Backsliding, Body Double Techniques for Professional Organizers, Working with Elderly Clients and Working with Physically Challenged Clients.Terry has recently been working on a new industry tool – Life Stages for Residential Clients. This project is currently available for review at no charge on her website.

Visit Terry’s website for more information about her background and services. Terry Prince also provides consultative coaching for professional organizers and coaches.

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