My Year of Reading

This has been a year for me to read. In January of 2012, I set my reading goal to be 100 books. I finally completed this project this morning.

Here are some links to some of my thoughts on this process.

Try Reading Something Different

Almost There


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One response to “My Year of Reading

  1. Fred

    I think 100 books is just an incredible benchmark for Terry to accomplish. That means one book on average every 3 or 4 days. Congratulations! To have the characteristic of being a well-read person is one of the highest honors an individual can achieve or cultivate. One book I read this year was the 7 Pillars of Wisdom by TE Lawrence. The book reads like pure flowing poetry, which conveys a grand, epic adventure, and I remember Lawrence describing another British Officer out in the Arabian desert as being “well read”, and it seemed an invaluable, high compliment as they struggled for survival in adverse circumstances. Lawrence himself – as a well-read individual – often fell back on his inherent wisdom and communicative prowess gained from a lifetime of reading. He was also a student of foreign languages, and that he could speak the Arabic dialect of the local tribespeople so well contributed immeasurably to his success. I think one aspect of reading that should be promoted more in these days of pure electronic entertainment and busyness that crowds out the quiet contemplative and more patiently subtle pleasures of reading are children’s series books. As someone who gave up TV at age 13 (and regrettably conceded too much ground to the electronic entertainment vaccuum cleaner), I have been catching up on childhood reading since then all my life. One of my favorite childhood series books, besides the many versions of Tom Swift books I’ve collected and Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (marvelous – read all Tom Corbett volumes and couldn’t put them down not long ago) are the Freddy the Pig series books by Walter Brooks. They are humorous and superbly written; just a joy to read. I just bought another one yesterday. I also love books on near death experiences. I just got a self help book, How to Be Your Best Friend, which a friend recommended to me and I’m looking forward to read; it is a very slim volume. Lastly is John Grisham. By some enchantment, he has me totally enthralled from the first page. I’ve read all his books, including his latest, the Litigator. The latest revolution in reading are e-books. Personally, I prefer the tangible experience of holding the actual hard printed book, but it seems I see more and more of the electronic versions. Anyway, kudos again to Terry on her tremendous achievement.

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