The Power of The Pause

The Pause. Generally, not celebrated. Generally ignored, but incredibly powerful. The pause has power. The power to make someone think, re-frame, process and comprehend. Not pausing contributes to less than successful communications as well as negotiations.

Sometimes pausing for just a few seconds can seem like a million minutes. It is the uncomfortable silence that can deliver us to a new level of communications. Learning to pause takes patience and courage.

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One response to “The Power of The Pause

  1. Fred

    I think Terry makes a great observation here on the power of the pause. It’s an observation that we in these hectic modern times need to heed and be mindful of. It’s as if the modern entertainment industry consider us all to have an attention span of only a few seconds as movie scenes change frequently like fizzling fireworks which are captured only at the moment of exploding. A well-timed pause during conversation or a presentation causes the listeners to reflect and better absorb and internally process the previous communication as well as reflectively anticipate what comes next. A pause during our workday allows us to recharge our batteries so to speak and consider if we are taking good care of ourselves. A pause is a safe respite, an island redoubt of our state of being – as we reflect on who are we – amidst a sea of doing and being driven hither and thither by the fickle winds of the world. A pause allows us to pull out our moral and spiritual compass and take a navigational reading on where we should head next, hopefully toward a port of fullfilment rather than the shoals of hopeless despair. Pauses allow us to regenerate and rejuvenate ourselves so that we can restart our lives with renewed energy and vigor on a refreshed course of action.

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