Look at the Done’s In Your Life

Are you in need of some encouragement or motivation for yourself or your client? Take a few moments to look at some of the accomplishments you have made from the time you were born. Everyone has done some great things. If you are finding your list short or boring, you may want to examine your “done’s” from a different perspective.  Sometimes perseverance and tenacity are the characteristic strengths to celebrate. Here are a few key words to get you or your client’s thinking in this direction.

I have Finished

Example – high school, completed online course, read Bleak House

I have Progressed

Example – got a job after college, received advancement in company, went from board member- at- large to president of organization

I Survived

Example – lived in a house undergoing remodel for one year, sustained working for world’s most difficult boss for a year in my twenties,  managed three-hour daily commute for 18 months

I Maintained

Example – I maintained a full-time job while raising 3 children, I maintained my attendance at exercise class for two years, I maintained reading at least 3 books a month for the past year

I Stopped

Example – declined to utilize local poor quality dry cleaners after receiving bad service, changed physician due to ongoing appointment inconvenience issues

Once you have done this insightful exercise you may find it helpful to start an accomplishment or achievement journal. You may also want to read my earlier blog on Looking at the Un’s in Life.


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One response to “Look at the Done’s In Your Life

  1. Fred

    I think Terry has pointed out something very valuable to us all; in the big picture we have often come much farther in our journey in life than we give ourselves credit for. It was very easy for me in just a couple of minutes to develop an extensive list under her criteria. It’s also a perfect complement to Terry’s blog on the un- words, where we’re looking ahead at all the things that are still undone; it’s more natural I think to consider all things we haven’t done than what we have done. To me this exercise of the Done’s manifests our STATE of being; which is comparable or not too unlike the different discrete energy states or levels that a photon experiences in Einstein’s physics. The cumulative result of our experiences is our current state or level; we are striving through what we are currently doing to raise ourselves to the next higher plateau or level or “energy level”. Too often we erroneously confuse these battlefield conditions of being engaged in the moment as our state of being. Actually,our overall state of being is often much higher than we give ourselves credit for and should lend us to more optimism as we grapple with the immediate constancy of “doing”. With the firm foundation of our Done’s or overall state of being, we have a tremendous launching pad to undertake the Doings of our every day tasks. With this long-range, big picture of what we’ve DONE, we also mitigate the perceived short-range frustration which results in our current DOINGS or tasks from failing to meet our expectations of accomplishing as much as we’d like with immediate results. These DOINGS are just a means to get us to a higher state; so they should be perceived with a forgiving grain of salt in the big-picture scheme of life. Thank you, Terry, for this insight!

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