Use a Lost List

Do you have a “lost list”? I encourage my clients to keep a list of lost physical items. As we go through the clearing process, on site, or via coaching calls we often “find” lost items. This list helps keep the small “wins” or successes in the forefront of  the client’s mind.

Of course, there are the “found” items that one runs across which one does not know what to do with.  I find having a few small files with labels such as “interesting people, places and things” can help for the clippings, photos or mementos.  A small clear box in a junk drawer can serve as the holder of “found” screws and odd parts that seem to accumulate over the years. A single larger box in the garage or basement can be the holder of other found non-perishable  items. It helps to establish these places, but it is also necessary to set limits.

Furthermore, analyzing patterns of clients “lost and founds” can be helpful in developing reduction strategies for lost items.


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2 responses to “Use a Lost List

  1. Alex Jones

    Good idea!

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