Screen Free Days

Have you thought about how it would be to have a “screen free day”. Since I have become the proud owner of an IPhone,  I am finding this harder to do. I can even reduce myself to playing solitaire. There is always something fun and interesting to check out besides phone messages and texts. Now there is potential email, Words with Friends and when in a networked area, the whole world wide web to explore. We are becoming screen sucked (excuse my language but that is a word used by experts these days). Screen Sucked was introduced in the 2007 book CrazyBusy by Edward Halloway. Screens are pulling the life out of us.  Halloway says – Held by a mysterious force, a person can sit long after the work has been done or the show he wanted to watch is over, absently glommed on to the screen, not especially enjoying what he is doing but not able to disconnect and turn off the machine.

What have you been doing to prevent excessive hours of screen time?

I have found using the timer apps (available on IPhones and smartphones) can help one be more aware of potential time breaks.  I have been attempting to avoid morning screens. Now I have gone back to reading an actual newspaper or non fiction book in paper format. This helps me start my day in clearer form.

I’d love to hear more suggestions.



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2 responses to “Screen Free Days

  1. Alex Jones

    The best way is have no temptation. I have a cell phone with no internet ability. When I go away I won’t even carry a cell phone, so I will be totally off the grid. When I am linked via this laptop then temptation can run rampant.

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