Renewing a hobby

When is it time to renew a hobby? When is it time to let go? Hobby’s can be time-consuming and costly, but conversely hobbies can bring you joy and provide you with entertainment and relaxation.

What are the hobbies that make you happy or excited?

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2 responses to “Renewing a hobby

  1. Alex Jones

    Archaeological puzzles. Hobbies should be part of the way of life, perhaps even part of wealth making.

  2. Fred Beiderbecke

    This is a very good question Terry asks. I had a friend, now deceased, who repaired antique toys. These toys meant so much to his clients because they served as reminders of their childhood hobbies and interests. What interested us in early life is likely to spark an interest in later life if ignored due to adult demands or left dormant. Singing and playing musical instruments has always been my hobby from childhood. However, sometimes adult demands of job, illness, etc. intervene and I must put that musical interest on hold. It’s been on hold for three months now, without my playing or singing much, even though I bought new musical instruments lately (definitely costly). That doesn’t I can’t treat each day as a new day and start up again! I’ve also done Toastmasters forever and thought about letting go, but I’m helping others so keep going. The value of retirement is it frees up time for all our interests. But in any event, hobbies do enrich our lives, as Terry says, with excitement and happiness.

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