Too Much or Too Little?

This is a great exercise to do yourself or with your clients.

Have you ever looked at your activities in terms of “too much” or “too little”. For example, lately I have been blogging too little and writing too much. Obviously I have not been writing my blog, but other things. When you make a list of too much or too little, you can work to balance out your actions to “just right”. There are times when you have to do a lot in order to get things done. This is usually the case if you are behind. However, you may be behind because you have been doing too much of something else. For example, playing Words With Friends, or Facebooking beyond reason. However,  if you find yourself with “too little exercise” or “too much chocolate ice cream” you may also want to make some changes.


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One response to “Too Much or Too Little?

  1. Alex Jones

    Aristotle says the Middle Way between two extremes is good.

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