Routine Reflections

Do you take time to reflect on your past activities, actions or inaction’s? The end of May is a good time to think about this, since it is the official start of a new season. Many individuals have routine times that help encourage reflection. For some it might be the stillness of being in church or temple. For others, it is when they attend a weekly meeting of a group or association. It can also be during an exercise or fitness class.

During this period of specific reflection, one can gauge progress or lack of progress on certain life goal activities with ourselves as well as reflect on our actions or inaction towards these goals.

Let me point out, that this is very different from a calendar review which many do on Friday’s, Sunday’s or Monday’s. Routine reflection is instead a bigger picture process that reflects on major goals.

If you haven’t tried this concept of routine reflection, this might be a good  practice to start. Pick a time, that is a fairly standard constant in your life, and take a few moments out each time to reflect. You may not do it perfectly at first, but beginning is the first step. Once you have done it a few times it is likely to prove it’s value to your life.

Personally, for many years I arrived early to my Toastmaster’s meeting. I did this so I could spend some time in reflection. I believe it was a key component to my ability to succeed.

When do you do your Routine Reflection?


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2 responses to “Routine Reflections

  1. Alex Jones

    I do this each day.

  2. Thanks for commenting Alex. Daily reflections is a great skill set to master. Congratulations on your process.

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