Time to Rest

There are times when resting is the only possible option.  Resting is a good thing to do when you are ill or recovering from surgery.

I believe there are those who rest well and those who have a hard time practicing this skill set. Productive resters set their mind on pause, while the unproductive resters bemoan the things they are getting behind on.

Unproductive resters are those who squeeze in a few small “necessary” tasks. This takes extra energy and exertion that is overall unproductive to their recovery.

Being a productive rester is a choice, and a practice. Next time you are  recuperating  – choose to rest productively.



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2 responses to “Time to Rest

  1. Alex Jones

    I used to train as an athlete, and resting was as important as training, to allow the muscles to rebuild themselves after the damage done to them in the training. To train without rest was a sure way to be injured for six months or more. I have never suffered a major injury.

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