Thinking About Normal Again!

What is normal? According to one of my more enlightened friends – the only thing that is likely  to be “normal” is the washing machine setting with such a name. Actually after examining my own washing machine settings I am hesitant to even write this.

Normal is when we go about our day in a standard way. Normal is no deviation from the usual routines or patterns. Normal can be boring but normal can also be nice and safe.

Take some time to think about your “normal. Here are some reflection questions to get your started:

How do you handle normal?

What does normal mean to you in terms of your daily life?

What signals do you have that “normal” is changing?

Can you ever get back to normal after a big change?

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One response to “Thinking About Normal Again!

  1. Alex Jones

    “Normal” is a funny word to me, for to say something is “normal” one has to have something to compare to. Since I am a unique person, and my experience is unique to me, then nothing is normal, it is all unique.

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