Objects and Meaning

When you look at an object what does it mean to you  in terms of  memory and times?

Do your objects present memories?

When I bought a tablecloth the other day, it reminded me of my high school friend Karen. Karen had a similar tablecloth in her first home with her husband.  We spent many happy meals and times around the table with the blue weave tablecloth.  Objects may remind you of certain times or places.  On my table I recently set a candlestick which reminded me of my friend Judy, who had the same pattern in the early 80’s when we both resided in Hawaii.

Do your objects express your taste –  past and current?

Sometimes we select things because we feel they express who we are.  Over time we may change our taste. Some items are usually easy to let go of. Other items may require more of an internal thought process about our past and current values and lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on objects and meanings? What has been the hardest item to give up?



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One response to “Objects and Meaning

  1. Alex Jones

    The human mind works by creating patterns anchored onto events, objects, locations, from which it derives its associations. Any item with the strongest association will be hard to give up, your ties to a friend, a toy from childhood, a former school.

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