Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Here is a book to add to your reading list  Drive – The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us. This book was written by Daniel Pink. Please note , as a caveat, this was the first book I read as an online library book. Maybe this was what made me think it was not the best in its editing or overall construction design. That is why I rate it a 3 out of 5.

This book explains how carrots and sticks are not the reward process for non mechanical tasks. Instead autonomy, mastery and flow are the required elements to motivate the creative workforce. In terms of content there are lots of wonderful nuggets of information including source references to some of the creators of some of the theories – such as the 10 years to get to expert knowledge. Although this was mentioned by Malcolm Gladwell in his TED Talk – it likely came from K Ander Ericsson, Ralf D. Krampe and Clemens Tesche Romer Psychological Review 100 December 1992.

I especially liked “Mastery”, the urge to get better at stuff,  and the information on “Flow”. The end has some ideas – presented in a toolbox format which are in essence presentation handout material. These are well worth gleaning and interpreting. So don’t skip that.


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