Spring Reading

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading quite a few books. I have also read several books in digital format.  Reading digitally is something I seem to do well during the daytime, and has worked for both non fiction and fiction. Non fiction is more of a daytime activity for me, as it usually stretches my mind and needs more mental concentration.However for nighttime reading I still prefer paper.

I have also challenged myself to read 100 books in 2012.  I tried this once before, when I was in my early teens, and managed to get to an official total of 99 books. I kept track of my books in a fuchsia covered spiral bound notebook. It is the one of the few possessions I have ever regretted disposing. However, I seem to recall some of the included several Nancy Drew’s, some Hardy Boys, Little Women and Little Men. In addition I think I remember reading a few Reader’s Digest books that included,  Hotel St. Gregory, Here Comes The Brides and Menfreya in the Morning by Victoria Holt.

This time I am tracking my books online with Good Reads, an online community of readers. So far I am up to 22 books this year. One of the books I just completed was Quiet- The Power of the Introvert, check my last post for a review.  I have also finished the three books of The Hunger Games and completed books 1 – 4 in the Game of Thrones series.

I’ve been a happy reader since I was 4 years old. Reading fiction is where I usually unwind, it is my restorative niche (see my last post) for more info on this concept.

So what is on your reading list? Do you separate out daytime reading from nighttime reading?

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2 responses to “Spring Reading

  1. Fred

    That’s amazing Terry read 100 books in one year, and she sets a fine example for the rest of us to emulate. I also share Terry’s passion for reading.
    Since I have an office job and am not yet retired and fight to find time just to practice my musical instruments (as of late, mostly trumpet and oboe), I don’t have any time for day reading. At best it’s night and weekend.
    I seem to read several books concurrently. There are two fiction writers which totally captivate me – John Grisham and Jack Higgins. Once I start one of their books, I might as well plan to stay up all night or whatever it takes because I won’t put the book down. Probably John Grisham’s greatest novel is his non-legal latest, Calico Joe. This is a book about baseball and pure forgiveness. I loved the book so much I re-read most of it again. I also enjoyed his latest legal thriller, The Litigators. I reread one that too! I like Grisham too because he never uses the GD word, unlike many modern authors. It’s just not needed. Higgins has tremendous WWII novels as well as the modern Sean Dillon series, like the latest one I read, Day of Reckoning. They can be gory but they are well written suspense. Sean Dillon speaks several languages fluently, scuba dives, flies airplanes, survives 100s of shootouts, plays piano – he’s almost mythological. He used to blow up the British as IRA and now he works for them in a top secret unit.
    I am also reading an excellent humorous light fiction novel by Johanna Edwards called “How to Be Cool”. She’s a consultant to her clients on how they can be “cool”. She’s lost all her weight and still finds life is not Nirvana, and often finds herself in “uncool” situations. It’s really delightful reading.
    For nonfiction I’ve been reading books on Spirituality by an Emergency Room physician, Todd Michael, entitled The Evolution Angel, The Hidden Parables, and The Seven Miracles. These books are incredibly fascinating. I’d start with The Evolution Angel, as he records conversations with angels after his patients die. Another great book is about fear, by Dr S Pillay, who is a Harvard psychiatric professor, called Life UnLocked. This is a great science-based book on how we can conquer the fear so endemic to our minds.
    These are a few books of my Spring Reading.

    • Thanks for your comments Fred. I am enjoying my reading project for the year – 100 books – so far I am one third thru with 33. I also like Grisham – having read quite a few of his over the past years. They are page turners.

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