Rightsize your day

There is a lot of talk about downsizing and rightsizing. Let’s look at this in a small immediate way. How can you rightsize your day? Let the day starting tomorrow be your practice day. First let’s define rightsize. Rightsize means creating a day with enough hours to do the desired tasks at hand, a day with some form of joy and laughter, healthy eating and physical activity.

We can plan our day by getting our “to do” list planned ahead of time, making sure we have the ingredients for healthy eating and include some form of physical activity.  We can also work to connect with loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Some of you may also want to include some spiritual or meditation time.

Here are six elements of  rightsizing  your day!

1) Select tasks that suit the day

When I say a day with enough hours to do the desired tasks at hand, I mean creating a productive and effective “to do” list. One that is doable for the hours we have available, leaving some wiggle room for unexpected issues.

2) Plan to eat right

Create a menu from what you have on hand, or figure out what you need to order to have a healthy kitchen. Make sure you have plenty of water to drink, as water will help energize you and keep you hydrated. Avoid overindulgence. Make good food choices throughout the day and evening.

3) Include daily exercise

Every day needs some form of exercise. Make sure this is part of your day.

4) Cherish your relationships

Work to connect with the ones you love or care about.

5) Include joy and laughter

We all need some fun in our daily life. This can be having a good conversation, or watching a situational comedy to get our laugh on. We can also find joy in nature. Just take some time to enjoy your environment.

6) Work in some spiritual time or meditation

Whatever your beliefs, having some time spent on spiritual devotions or using some time to meditate will serve you well.

Keep the six elements in mind when planning your tomorrow and every day after. Rightsizing your day is the foundation of rightsizing your life.


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One response to “Rightsize your day

  1. Fred

    These are six great daily essential elements Terry describes that we can all take to heart. My mother wisely told me that exercising first thing in the morning got that important element done, because it affects our central mood which in turn affects the other 5 elements. That also helps your to do list because you automatically have a core essential element done from the outset. My wife and I recently took up Scrabble. I noticed that just that one activity satisfies two elements simultaneously – being with someone you cherish but at the same time invoking happiness and joy. So for efficiency you might consider how you can satisfy two elements at the same time – such as taking a walk with your loved one, which satisfies exercise, time with someone you cherish, and if you have a good conversation, also joy. It also occurs to me that someone you cherish could include a dog or a cat. My Belgian Shepherd Tuveuren Emma was like a daughter to me. She was also my personal trainer as a daily walk was an imperative necessity. Thanks, Terry, for your great ideas.

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