When do we want to get productive?

Let’s examine the desire to be more productive.  There are several factors that increase our (or our client’s) needs to get productive.They are seasonal instincts, work pressures, or stress demands.

Seasonal Instincts

January is the month most people start instinctively focusing on organization and a fresh start, but April and September are close seconds in the USA. January is the month of resolutions, and April is a month for spring cleaning and tax preparation. September follows as the month people get ready for  a new start as the traditional school year begins a new term.

Work Pressures

We want to get be more productive when we start a new job. We also seek productive advice and recommendations when we want to improve our performance at a job.  Productivity also comes into play when we are nearing a deadline.

Stress Demands

When we are stressed and have accepted the fact our life has become troublesome, we may also seek to become more productive to get ourselves out of our mess or chaos. This is likely the hardest but potentially the most motivated individual seeking productivity tools and techniques.

Early on everyone need encouragement and some form of accountability. Be sure to help yourself or your client with some form of daily or weekly accountability. Be aware that backsliding will often happen at some point during the process. The road to becoming productive is a bumpy one, but it is worth taking the journey. Whatever the reason for you or your client’s decision to get started, it is a wonderful thing.


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