Time to write it down!

The Wall Street Journal just had an interesting article about “To Do Lists”. I agree that To Do Lists are the action activators. As important in my mind are The Project List and The Goals List.  A Project List keeps track of what projects you are working on or intend to work on. The Goal List is the big picture of everything. Since it is time for resolutions, I want to encourage you to take time to write down your goals.  All in all,  I believe the most important thing we can do to start goal resolution keeping is explained in three simple words – Write It Down!  By taking the time to write it down we can have a record of our thoughts, planned actions and desires.  We can then track, make changes or reevaluate.

In early 1983  I read the book, Making Time, Making Money (St. Martin’s Press) by Rita Davenport. This book had a thirty page workbook built-in which was aptly titled Exercises that Make You a Time Management Winner. From time to time I pull out the book and see how I have succeeded and how I have diverted from some of my earlier goals. After all life is a journey and sometimes we change our destinations.

Having a record of your desires is the first step on that journey. How are you planning to write it down?

This is a modified post from January 2010.

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One response to “Time to write it down!

  1. Fred

    I agree with Terry about writing it down. Writing offers a great deal of clarity and directions to our mental thoughts which tend to ramble and wander. One area where this helps is weight loss programs. I’m in TOPS and that’s our assigned task this week – to write down what we’re eating and the associated calories. Okay, this is hard for me. It sounds so simple but it is excrutiatingly difficult. But reading Terry’s blog post reminded me that I need to take the plunge and just do it, as I think Terry as said somewhere else before. Thanks, Terry! I appreciate your many words of wisdom.

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