Thinking about 2012

It’s not to early to start thinking about 2012. An easy way to plan is to use the concept of  Start, Stop and Continue.


Ask yourself what five things are you willing to start in 2012.  You can think about the components of health, wealth and relationships. You can also do this with work projects, hobbies,  knowledge and education.  Things usually get started if you write something down.  So start your start by starting a list.


We all have things we want to discontinue. This could be for our health,  sanity, self-improvement or relationship improvement. What are five things you want to stop in 2012?


Think about what is working within your life.  This is the continue list.  On my list I have continue “walking dog daily up the hill”, continue “working on the residential life scale publication“, continue to “improve social media skills”, continue  to “meet weekly with my accountability coach”, and finally  continue to”post on this blog four times a month”.

You or your clients will have a good start on 2012 if you work on this exercise. You can also use my project hand and customize  a hand for each of the three areas –   start, stop and continue.


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