Inspiration – Can’t we just buy some?

Don’t you often want to buy a can of inspiration? I find when I can’t easily put A and B together, I want to go out and buy a ready-made can of inspiration to get instant results.

To get inspired we can work on change. Change can be internal such as our perspective, our attitudes and of course our daily outlook. Change can be physical by trying out a new environment, working on a new routine or going about things in a different way. We can attend workshops, conferences, lectures to get inspired. We can visit blogs, read books, internet media sites or watch inspiring thinkers explain their work such as in a TED conference.

What do you do to get inspired?

Paint Can Graphic from The Department of Doing – New Zealand


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3 responses to “Inspiration – Can’t we just buy some?

  1. It’s all an inspiration. I don’t have to do anything to get it. Mostly I have to keep it tidy, make it stand in line until the other inspirations there first and I have gotten our business attended to.

    • When we have too much inspiration – that’s another thing. One of my colleagues suggested an “idea” box to house the excess. I chose to keep a journal for the purpose of collecting the excess.

  2. Fred

    I ask the question, “What makes sense to me?” In other words, I try to unite with my inner voice. I find walking in Nature, taking a shower, or just staying engaged helps come up with an inspiration. Also, it helps if you are stymied just to try a completely different activity. I think that once you pose a problem to your mind, it will subconciously keep working on it. Hopefully you’ll have an aha experience.

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