Fall and Change

Fall is one of the most productive times of  learning and growth.  So what are you doing to learn and grow? I have been researching the internet and taking an assortment of classes and workshops. These activities have helped me think new thoughts and given me new experiences. What are you doing to enrich your mind and yourself?


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  1. Fred

    I’m planting winter vegetables in my garden. Gardening is good exercise and is a good anecdote to stress and cabin fever. I’m also taking a Bible class at my church called Through the Bible where you try to read the whole Holy Book. In addition, I am learning oboe which I just took up this year. I love the instrument and it is the sixth instrument that I play. I am corresponding with German pen=pals through the Language Exchange in an effort to learn German. I give many speeches through my speech clubs such as Toastmasters. I’m also reading several books, ranging from thrillers to spiritual, many of which I gleaned from Borders as they went out of business. There are so many ways to keep yourself occupied.

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