When Life Get’s Hectic – Please Stand By!

Dear Readers:

Have you noticed a lack of posts lately? I have been away from my blog since late March. The reason being is several – this includes a major household move, 1 hour away from our former home.  We have had some recent losses among our family and friends and finally the new environment, while lovely,  has been hard on my seasonal allergies.

We are adapting and soon will be back in the swing of things. This might be a good time to read some older posts.  Keep coming back, I know it is only a matter of time before I will be back in the swing of things.





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3 responses to “When Life Get’s Hectic – Please Stand By!

  1. Hi Terry,
    Sounds like you’ve been through a “rough patch” recently. May I send you a box of tissues for your allergies? OK, maybe I’ll send good thoughts and keep the tissues for myself! I will re-read some of your posts, as they are always pithy and insightful. Hope you’re enjoying your new home.
    Warm Sneezing Socks,

  2. Fred

    Sometimes Murphy’s Law reigns supreme and runs rampant, and I want to extend my deepest sympathy to Terry and to her family with hopes for smoother sailing ahead. In times of stress like this, it’s important to slow down and take good care of ourselves. Good luck on your transition to your new home with hopes the allergy symptoms alleviate themselves soon. Best wishes, Fred

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