Looking at the “Un’s” in life

Let’s take  a moment to think about the “Un’s” in our lives?

Here is a list of some “Un’s”:






How would it be if we had a day each week to look at the “Un’s” and work on them? What day would you choose?


This is a best of post from 2009.


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One response to “Looking at the “Un’s” in life

  1. Fred

    Terry has a good list here, to which I would add “unread”. I have so many unread books that I just can’t get to, due to a lack of time. Some are books written by a friend which I need to review. To find a day for catching up on our “un’s” would need to be a quiet time without distractions, which for me would be not so much a day as a time and place whenever I can find it in my busy lifestyle (i.e. I have something going on almost every night and day of the week). I need to feel engaged with a sense of momentum and accomplishment, so sometimes I will just to work on the weekend or late at night to get things done and to get organized. Without telling anyone, I worked until 10 pm on Saturday night at the office this month just to get caught up a little; otherwise I start feeling desperate and despondent. Right now my son is asleep late at night so I can use his computer and catch up on Terry’s blog, which I always enjoy reading. For me it’s grabbing some space in time whenever I can. I don’t want to feel that worst of all un’s, which is unengaged. It’s important to get back into gear somehow so we feel at least a little in control with whatever sliver of time we can find.

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