One of the best techniques in getting ready to get organized is “noticing”. Many times we are almost immune and distanced from our current environment. It takes a physical break or mental departure from our daily patterns to realize and view our environment differently.

One technique is to go outside the door or entry of your workplace or home and pretend you are a guest.  What would you the “guest”  see?  Another helpful technique is looking specifically at each of the three parts of our space (Floor, Walls, Ceiling). What do you notice that you have not seen before? You can also focus on desk, table or shelf space by looking at it (when possible) from above – as if it was the floor. If your flat space seems overwhelming you can attempt to view it telescopically and work on small circular segments.

It helps to actively notice your environment, whether you are working on organizing or maintenance.




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  1. Fred

    I think Terry has a very valuable insight, because often we do lose a fresh perspective on clutter or disorganization if it’s omnipresent. It’s better to do to gain this perspective through your own volition. Sometimes I think unfortunate circumstances can also have a silver lining in that they force us to do the same thing that Terry is talking about on a voluntary basis. When my car was broken into in the middle of the night, it forced me to reevaluate not only my security procedures but how well I was keeping items out of the car – especially the trunk, from which items were stolen. While this theft caused a very bad feeling, the end result was a good one because the circumstances compelled me to look at my environment from a fresh perspective. However, being proactive and doing it the way Terry recommends is obviously more productive.

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