The Stuff on The Desk

Here is an exercise for your visual clients or yourself.

Take a moment to visually review what is on your desk or workspace. Does it remind you of the past? Does it have a place right now in the present or does it have a place in your future? By identifying the time frame of our space and stuff, we can usually see how we can proceed.

Items from the Past

  • Discard
  • Archive
  • Celebrate and enjoy
  • Put back where it belongs

For example: we can discard the back of the shipping label we used to send out the package. We can archive the fax we just sent. We can enjoy looking at a photo of our family. We can put back the stapler we just used.


  • Work on
  • To do list the item
  • Utilize

For the present: we can center the item on our desk and start a to do list. We can utilize the binder clip to hold our report data together.


  • Plan to work on or towards
  • Intend to utilize

For items that belong in the future, we can place then in an active work location,  just beyond our work area, so we can quickly access it when we need or want it. For items we intend to utilize,  determine how we might use them and file or store them in a way we can remember.

Try working on looking at your desk or workspace this visual and time focused way. This can help them or you get organized. Before you know it they (or you)  will be back on track and productive.


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