Set Your Goals Down On Paper

Resolutions and Goal Setting articles abound this time of year.  All in all,  I believe the most important thing we can do to start goal  resolution keeping is explained in three simple words – Write It Down!  By taking the time to write it down we can have a record of our thoughts, planned actions and desires.  We can then track, make changes or reevaluate.

In early 1983  I read the book, Making Time, Making Money (St. Martin’s Press) by Rita Davenport. This book had a thirty page workbook built-in which was aptly titled Exercises that Make You a Time Management Winner. From time to time I pull out the book and see how I have succeeded and how I have diverted from some of my earlier goals. After all life is a journey and sometimes we change our destinations.

Having a record of your desires is the first step on that journey. How are you planning to write it down?

This is a best of post from 2010.


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One response to “Set Your Goals Down On Paper

  1. Fred

    With this post it is almost as if Terry were reading my mind. As a member of Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), we hold all manner of contests and challenges, which for this week was to write everything we ate down in a journal. Am I behind in journaling? Yes. Will I catch up? Thanks to Terry, yes, because I caught myself getting delinquent early in the process. I think writing it down helps us organize and focus our thoughts and awareness so that can more consciously manage ourselves. I wrote my mother every day for 15 years, and now that she has passed away, I write some friends every day via snail mail. This is also a form of journaling, or at least it was with my mother, because she always gave my letters back to me. Nevertheless, the highlight of my day is writing that letter or card. Besides organizing ourselves and giving us a history or where we’ve been and are going, I think the act of writing is intrinsically healthy and cathartic.

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