Five Minutes for a Fresh Start

What can you do in five minutes to make your next workday better? The number one thing you can do is clear your desk the night before. By getting your desk cleared and your “to do” ready, you can move forward faster, accomplish more and be more productive.

  • Review tomorrow’s schedule and appointments
  • Add in new to do’s to your electronic system or add to your paper list
  • Prioritize “to Do” List for tomorrow
  • Place all loose paperwork back into files
  • Add in any new contacts or addresses from business cards, message slips, correspondence
  • Create files or places for all new projects
  • Close out your computer
  • Return pens, pencils and office tools to holders or drawer
  • Spend a moment reflecting on what you accomplished today
  • Take a deep breath and look over your cleared desk
  • Visualize having a successful day tomorrow at your workspace
  • On your way out – Clear out box (deliver mail, return files)


The more you practice this process, the more likely it will become a productivity tool of great value. Try this for two weeks and let me know how you are doing.


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One response to “Five Minutes for a Fresh Start

  1. Fred

    I think this is a great idea to get into this kind of routine that Terry suggests. I copied and pasted the daily list of things to do onto a Word Document and will take it to work and try it out. I think if you do this that you’ll feel better in the morning when you undergo that difficult transition of “here I am again” feeling in the morning after arriving from a commute and not have spent that much time at home from the day before.

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