Remedies for Screen Fatigue

Are you surfing your life away on the internet and overloaded with email.  Maybe it is time for a break.  Take a 24 hour hiatus and get more done, and start de-stressing.

When we spend our days driven by the “screen”, we can miss out on the amazing things all around us.

Look for the natural elements in your environment

Did you see birds or fluffy clouds?

Did you sense the chance of rain or snow. Did you notice the wind blowing leaves around in your neighborhood?

Try and go low-tech for your information for a short period of time

Did you pick up an actual paper bound book or read an old-fashioned newspaper or magazine?

Write a piece of correspondence the old-fashioned way

Consider writing a thank you note by hand. This short break away from the screen and keyboard may help give you a needed rest.

Choose to have a conversation

Instead of emailing a colleague or friend. Face away from the computer, turn off the apps and just hold a phone conversation.

Designate Screen Free hours in your home or office

Select some hours to be your screen free hours. This break will be good for your eyes, thinking and concentration.

Can you think of more easy ways to prevent screen fatigue? Send me a comment or follow-up email. Better yet, you could also pick up the phone and give me a call.

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One response to “Remedies for Screen Fatigue

  1. Fred

    Terry illustrates some great strategies on screen fatigue. A few points are in order in that we can break the fatigue down into three types. There’s overall fatigue, eye fatigue and wrist fatigue.
    1) For overall fatigue, everything Terry suggests is great plus I’d emphasize mini-breaks of just a few seconds are important. Maybe you could hang calendars with large photographs of soothing nature scenes that you can frequently glance at for relief. Also you could have a book of inspirational verses (some would use the Bible) nearby to read, that would only take a second. You can keep a journal to write brief comments. I write a postcard to a family with whom I’m friends every day. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes but gives me a break with a purpose when I need it. You could hand write a relative or close friend a note each day and send snail mail. I think it’s important to get exposure to natural outdoor light as a relief to artificial indoor light which is missing some of the wholesome light spectrum that properly stimulates our eyes, brain and assimilation of Vitamin D.
    2) For eye fatigue, any reason to glance away briefly is good as well as getting outside to experience natural light. Also, I like Terry’s suggestion of reading printed paper – books, magazines, etc. In addition, Vitamin A is important. I drink carrot juice, after which my eyes actually got better instead of worse in visual acuity.
    3) For wrist fatigue, it is important to take precautions against carpal tunnel, from which I am suffering this very instant in my left wrist. In my case, it’s caused by not placing or supporting my left elbow on the desk. My right elbow is supported but the left hand typically just hangs off the edge of the desk without support to the rest of the arm. You can purchase a special exercise glove called FLEXTEND from Balance Systems Inc that strengthens the opposing muscles and tendons in the carpal tunnel to get a higher arch and thus more space for your median nerve so that it’s not starved for blood and oxygen. Using this exercise glove (as I did a few minutes ago on my left hand) gives you a temporary respite from the screen as well.
    With a strategy to counteract these three kinds of fatigue, perpetual life in front of the computer can at least become tolerable.

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