Being Grateful

Gratitude is something we can practice all year-long. You can be grateful for people, places and things.

People Gratitude

Gratitude can be given to those who we work with, live with, play with or chance encounter. Gratitude does not have to  cost a thing. But it can be also given in the form of a note, email or token gift. I am grateful for my family, friends, clients  and colleagues. I am also grateful for the friendly staff at my local supermarket who brighten my day.

Places or Event Gratitude

If you have ever experienced joy in a specific location or at an event, you can be grateful just in the experience. Sometimes there are people to thank, other times it is just the connection of circumstances that can make you grateful for experiencing the moment. I am grateful for starry clear nights, my home, and recent family trip to Wyoming and the impromptu tailgate we had at a windy intersection.

Things or Object Gratitude

Some people make a list of the top  objects or things that make them happy. For me it is my comfortable chair, my atomic clock, my latest fiction book I am reading in the evening.

Take some time to think about who, what and where you are grateful. It is a great exercise to finish the year. It may also be a great exercise to discuss with your clients.

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One response to “Being Grateful

  1. Fred

    Terry is very right about the importance of gratitude – even for the smallest blessings in our life. I think we can also think of gratitude in a more formal way as giving recognition to others, such as at work or in a club. I find that genuine recognition creates a sense of fun in the work environment as well as a feeling in the recipient that they are important and appreciated. In my opinion, this creates momentum toward a smoothly functioning and highly motivated team. Recognition is our way of expressing gratitude to our colleagues. In the Air Force, I wrote an unhappy engineer a letter of appreciation. He calmed down immediately; in fact he was ecstatic. He said that was the first time he’d been recognized in a positive way in over 20 years. In the ensuing days, he was a model employee. So let’s be grateful for others and express that gratitude by giving recognition.

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