The Organizer’s Library Organization Project – Update

I’ve been working on organizing my organizing and productivity books. They are now classified and sorted by subject area.

The run down is:

Time Management



Office Organization

Paper and File Organization

Money Organization and Management

Mental Health


Balance/Life Issues

Home Management & Cleaning Methods

Holiday Specific Organization

Storage – specific (more pictorial books)

General Household Organization


Life/Career Management

Self-help Classics

In the non-organizing area, but within the scope of running an organizing and consulting practice,  I also have:







I also have a section to still organize. This section contains a variety of tips booklets (Let’s thank Paulette Ensign), organizing specific magazines and class workbooks (mine included).


It feels good to have my books rearranged, dusted and organized into easy to find sections.

For a link to the original post – click here.


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One response to “The Organizer’s Library Organization Project – Update

  1. Terry,

    Thanks for letting your readers know about tips booklets. Many Professional Organizers and people in a range of expertise have written excellent tips booklets to use as a marketing tool and income stream for their business. It’s a great way to get your message further and increase your bottom line in the process.

    Congratulations on organizing your library so you can find all this good stuff when you want it.

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