The Organizer’s Library

This month I have decided to organize my professional books. I haven’t started yet. It is a planned  “to do” on my list for the last two weeks of October. So it looms in the near future. I  have found that the scope and field of an organizing consultant or professional organizer cover a broad spectrum of issues and business topics.  Hence my collection is quite large and takes up significant space.

I have books on

  • organizing specific areas within a residence
  • storage systems
  • time and time management
  • organizing finances
  • simplicity
  • productivity at work
  • procrastination
  • in-home office design and management
  • home management systems
  • ergonomics
  • clothes care
  • mental health issues
  • AD/HD strategies
  • hoarding

I also have a collection that includes books in the area of :

  • leadership
  • communication
  • self-help classics
  • reference (dictionaries, thesaurus, quotations)
  • writing and publishing
  • public speaking
  • coaching
  • humor

I haven’t quite decided how I will organize these books. What I do know is that I won’t be organizing them by the color of the spine, which seems to be in fashion for some designers and many bloggers of late. I won’t be organizing them by the date written or published.  I would never remember that! And, I won’t be organizing them entirely by author’s name or the book title.

So it looks like subject is going to be the way I am going to organize them.  Any more ideas out there?


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One response to “The Organizer’s Library

  1. Hi Terry,

    After working for our local library for more than 24 years, and working in the Cataloging section, your instincts on organizing by Subject matter speaks well to my heart. Melvil Dewey would be proud of you (developed the Dewey Decimal system which many public libraries use to catalog the books). Great thinking!

    Aloha, Sharon

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