Thoughts About Time

I recently thought I had run out of “thyme’. Yes, that is thyme the spice. So I went to the store to buy some more thyme.  For some reason one of my family members asked me where I was off to, and I replied ” I am going to buy some thyme.”, “Right” they said.” That’s a good one”!

So to make a long story short, let’s think of time as a product.

Buying Time: We all know we can’t actually buy time, but we can ask for more time. This might then allow us to complete something. We are really only buying more. Buying time may cost us a favor in return, or create disharmony with one’s superiors. We can also buy time by asking for some help or assistance with a project or process. Two heads working on a project are often better than one.  Getting others to help us physically on a project can also make the task or work get accomplished.

Running Out of Time: When we run out of time, things usually won’t get completed by the deadline and we will have to face the consequences. By being more aware of our inventory of time, we can solicit help or make changes to improve our productivity along the way.

Giving Away our Time: Sometimes we can give away our time, because we have some available to share. This can be by volunteering,  sharing our expertise or skill set.

Wasting our Time: We can waste our time by focusing on the wrong thing, choosing to procrastinate or avoiding what we really need to do.  Time is easily wasted. We need to be aware of our time and conscious of our usage.

Stocking Up on Time: You can decide to put some time on reserve. By building in time cushions between events you can have available time to spend on unexpected delays or complications in parts of your life or work. You can also choose to set aside periodic project times, which are empty blocks that can then be used wisely for catching up.

I encourage you to think of time as a product over the next few weeks, just like thyme the spice. This may give you a new and productive perspective on time management.

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One response to “Thoughts About Time

  1. Fred

    Terry has some great ideas about time as a product. Another way of looking at storing time if you work for an agency or company that offers overtime is to work for comp time rather than time and a half in money. With your comp time in addition to your regular vacation time, you might be better able to handle a family or personal emergency that requires time away from the job. In my case, because of all my comp time, I was able to stay away from work for 5 months to care for my elderly mother after her serious illness on the other side of the country. This was a life-saver for her and our family as it allowed her to fully recuperate.

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