Excess At Home

Last September, I wrote about the problem of  having too much stuff at work. This is a good time, in the dog days of summer, to look at what you have too much of at home. Now would be a good time to cull the excess, straighten the stuff and lighten up your living area to make room in your life for new opportunities in the upcoming fall.

At Home

  • Catalogs  – The summer season seed and plant catalogs, summer clothing
  • Magazines – Older than three months
  • Books – Read (or partially read) and no longer wanted that currently linger by the nightstand or on the coffee table
  • DVD’s or Old media (video tapes) – Watched or no longer wanted
  • Dishes – Anything broken or chipped. Worn specialty thermos mugs and glasses
  • Appliances – no longer working, or the “old one”
  • Pens and pencils – broken, disliked or worn
  • Stationary products – time to cull out the excess and keep only what you might use
  • Exercise or sporting equipment – ignored or dusty
  • Summer clothes  or shoes – torn, worn, too tight, too large or ripped

Look around – the search key words or descriptive adverbs or adjectives to keep in mind might be:

  • Broken
  • Dusty
  • Chipped
  • Worn
  • Torn
  • Ripped
  • Dirty
  • Soiled
  • Disliked
  • Not Quite Up To Par
  • Stained
  • Other (meaning you already have others available for use – think shampoo, soaps)
  • Not Loved
  • Make Do
  • Dull

Donate or recycle what you can and discard the rest.  If you are not quite sure – consider my Use It Up Week Concept.  By taking stock of your environment now, you will be making space for new opportunities in the upcoming and near future.

Want to reduce your excess at work? Read my earlier posting – Thinking about Excess.

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One response to “Excess At Home

  1. Fred

    One characteristic of those who are disorganized is that they “collect” many of the items over and over because they cannot find the item they are looking for at the press of the moment. Thus, it is easier just to go buy more of the item than look for what you already have.

    One of the joys of organizing is not just disposing of things but consolidating items of which you already possess. To Terry’s list I would add stationery. I have stationery which I used to write my mother (we wrote each other every day for 20 years before she passed away in June 2010 at age 95) plus stationery used for my Toastmasters meetings. I am swimming in stationery and much of it is unconsolidated and unorganized. So it would be very liberating to organize it all.

    The same would apply to all the correspondence I have from my mother and others. Plus my mother gave me correspondence from my late father when he was stationed in India and Burma in WWII.

    All of Terry’s ideas in her post are great as well.

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