Project Completion – Wrapping It Up!

This is a Best of Post from 2009.

Lots of articles have been written about getting started on a project, but less time and energy has  been focused on discussing  wrapping up a project once it has been completed.

The components of successful project  wrap up are:

Appreciation – Congratulate and give verbal and/or written appreciation to those that helped. An old-fashioned card sent by post or  mail  means you took some extra time and thought. This type of “Kudo”  is often kept as a reminder of projects done.  Companies with larger budgets might consider giving employees or contractors gift cards to local restaurants,  spas or even an overnight or  weekend stay at an area resort.

Lessons Learned – Schedule some time to go over what worked,  and what didn’t. This is usually a given when it is a big project, but an evaluation meeting can be held with smaller projects and provide some valuable feedback.

Passing or Bringing the “Knowledge Management Info” along – Compile  the helpful contact and vendor lists, organizational charts, project flow charts, and templates.

Identify the Team Members Strengths – Once a project is completed, it is an excellent time to review the strengths and developing or emerging skills of your team.

Purging the Paper and Physical Extras – Spend some time doing a  “paper” clean-up and culling out some of the physical project items such as banners, handouts, brochures. Decide if you are going to save, shred or recycle.

Clean up your Computer Files – By taking time to organize, analyze and archive your computer desktop and folders,  you are making room and space for your next big project.  You are also removing redundant files that clutter up folders and make searches less productive.

What other helpful things do you do to wrap up your projects?

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One response to “Project Completion – Wrapping It Up!

  1. Fred

    I led two teams of about ten people at work for two different special projects. One thing I did was to commemorate the end of the project was to create a bookmark with all the team members’ names on it and what our accomplishments had been for our project. I went to Kinko’s and laminated the paper so that it was bookmarker size. I gave the bookmark with a handwritten note of thanks to the team member.

    Another thing to do is to officially recognize your project team through the established recognition channels of your company. My agency has what is called a quarterly “Ace” award. I nominated everyone on my team for a “Team Ace” award and on the nomination statement cited all the specific examples of our accomplishments. These meant a lot because theses awards are presented by the team members’ individual supervisors at unit meetings and with team members’ photos and nomination statements on the Division web site.

    The good thing about the recognition vehicles described above is that they are either free or very inexpensive.

    For documentation, I tried to record and distribute minutes of all our meetings during the project. If you wait until the end of the project, it’s a little late because you are almost immediately swept into other work demands. I think Terry’s ideas about recording “lessons learned” is an excellent idea. There’s no point in repeating the same mistakes twice!

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