Seasonal Creativity

Do you find there are certain times of year when your creativity soars? Of the four seasons, which is your most creative?

I believe my most creative time occurs in the fall. I tend to get the back-to-school attitude and write more and “think” more.

What are your thoughts?

See my earlier article on creativity and times of day.


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One response to “Seasonal Creativity

  1. Fred

    I concur with Terry on autumn. Perhaps I’m biased from the outset since my birthday is in October, or perhaps that just reinforces my powerful feelings about fall. It’s a bridge between the vibrant verdant summer when living is easier, and the cold, dismal winter when living is hardiest. Spring is also a transitory season, but the outlook is bright and anticipatory for summer leisure. When we are confronted by death, whether of a loved one (as in my case recently, my mother) or of the foliage of seasonal plants like deciduous trees, we are motivated to reflect and ponder more deeply which in turn stirs our creative muses. The cool briskness of autumn also sharpens our mental faculties which had been beguiled into lethargy by the tepid summer. All these factors make autumn my favorite choice as the most creative season.

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