Maintaining a New Habit

Habits take time to incorporate into our lives. Once we have started to regularly perform an activity or task ( on a daily or weekly basis)  it is time to consider maintenance of the habit.

The first step in the process is to review why you are performing the activity and the benefit it brings you.  By having a clear sense of purpose we can understand the value of keeping the habit.

For example: I am incorporating 12 minutes of WiiFit Yoga into my day. The purpose of this is to improve my balance and general well-being.

Next review the steps you need to take, especially what the first step is.

Continuing my example:  Go into my family room and turn on the WiiFit. Follow the trainer’s instructions for 12 minutes.

Thirdly, designate certain “check in” times to review whether you are actively performing the habit or not. By being conscious of  our new habit, we can review our progress towards our eventual goal.

I will make a note in my calendar to review my progress each Friday for the next 2 months. I will check this each week.

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