Designing a New Habit

Our personal and professional life is made up of habits we develop and practice throughout our life. When habits become ingrained and regular they become part of our daily  or normal routine.

A habit is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically.  There are times in life when we want to create a healthy habit such as walking a specified distance daily, flossing one’s teeth, recycling household paper.

Once a habit is adopted we can make it a routine. Fitting in a new habit takes some thought and creativity, especially if we have a busy or already crowded schedule.

To start a new healthy habit, think about the overall action you want to take and break it down into small steps. A habit is formed from a series of small steps and actions that lead to completion or purposeful arrival at our habit destination.

The secret to developing a new habit is to insert it into a spot in our daily or weekly routine that feels natural and comfortable. It may take several attempts at finding the right time of day. It is likely that the journey to developing the new habit will have a few bumps in the road. Expect them and then rethink your plan.

Look for a future post on Maintaining a New Habit

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