Pet Peeves in the Workplace

According to the Associated Press Ipsos poll, poor time management is the top pet peeve in the American workplace.  One thousand employees (1037 actually) workers were surveyed during April of 2010 about their top peeves in the workplace.

Poor Time Management was selected by 43 percent as a top peeve.

Gossip was 36 percent.

Messiness was chosen by one in five (25 percent).

Loud noises were  chosen by 21 percent.

Overuse of electronic devices during meetings was chosen by 15 percent.

So I conjecture here,  that by improving your time management you may become better “liked” by your peers, and actually accomplish more in your workday.

The actual method of surveying was not explained in the recent Ipsos press release, and how some of the statistical numbers added up are confusing to my brain, so I will let you check it out yourself.


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