Found, Fix and Odd Parts Lists

Lists are helpful and can be useful as long as you are not a slave to them.

Here are some lists for your workplace or dwelling to consider having or posting on a bulletin board.

Found and Odd Parts List:

Did you ever run across something in your household or business and not know what the part or object was? This can be a concern to those not mechanically inclined. Having an unidentified part can be confusing. Listing it, perhaps even taking a photo of the object and storing it “safely” might be a good idea for a few weeks or months.

Lost List:

I am not talking about Lost the TV show, I am talking about physical items that are temporarily misplaced. This is where you list items you have misplaced or actually lost. Checking off an item is always a thrill.

Fix It List:

I currently have fix Adobe and Google Chrome to make the PDF’s work seamlessly on my work list. Having spent a few hours searching tech boards for a fix, I am letting it rest there for now.

Learn List:

This is where you can list what you want or need to learn, improve or develop to update your skills.

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