Delving Deep – The First Step to Getting Organized

The traditional first step in getting organized has generally been, to pull out all the stuff, then sort out the keepers, maybe’s and discard. Yet, when we do just this, we are going about it only on the surface level.  We are really just moving the stuff around. Perhaps we believe we are sorting the chaff from the wheat, but I don’t think we are  going about it in a truly productive way.

To be really effective, we first need to think about how the client defines their residential life, in terms of  desired activities,  occupants, hobbies, and entertaining. This makes the beginning of a plan,  in fact a true blue print for living effectively in the home. This is, in fact, functional living.

Some questions we need to ask our residential clients are:

  • What type of life do you want to have in this house?
  • Who is planning on living in this house for the next 3 years?

What do you think?

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One response to “Delving Deep – The First Step to Getting Organized

  1. Fred

    I think Terry has hit the nail on the head in the necessity of delving deeper into the client’s self-conception so that the disorganizing pattern does not perpetuate itself. On the other hand, the conventional method Terry cites is also valid because the client needs space and a compelling example of how to start afresh and anew, which they are unable to do on their own volition. In my opinion, both approaches are valid and need to applied in a balanced, synergistic fashion. One is tactical and short range: embrace the fear and organize now in a tangible way; the other is strategic and long range: understand you needs and lifestyle so that you change in a more fulfilling way toward your future horizons.

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