Write It Down

Resolutions and Goal Setting articles abound this time of year.  All in all,  I believe the most important thing we can do to start goal  resolution keeping is explained in three simple words – Write It Down!  By taking the time to write it down we can have a record of our thoughts, planned actions and desires.  We can then track, make changes or reevaluate.

In early 1983  I read the book, Making Time, Making Money (St. Martin’s Press) by Rita Davenport. This book had a thirty page workbook built-in which was aptly titled Exercises that Make You a Time Management Winner. From time to time I pull out the book and see how I have succeeded and how I have diverted from some of my earlier goals. After all life is a journey and sometimes we change our destinations.

Having a record of your desires is the first step on that journey. How are you planning to write it down?



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2 responses to “Write It Down

  1. Fred

    I love to write but not “write it down”, as in resolutions, logs, etc. But I think Terry is right on this and I intend to take up her suggestion as regards to losing weight. This is a war in which I’ve won a few battles, but unfortunately the battles I’ve lost seem to predominate as the scale inches upward and the tape around the girth stretches rounder. The gauntlet was thrown down, so to speak, when some long-time friends told me yesterday they were concerned that my “overweight condition” was effecting my health and the time to lose is NOW. They did not want to see me drop dead in an untimely manner as they enjoy my company. Believe me, I’ve tried most everything except write it down. My angry inner child rebels and recoils at the idea of writing it down, but to be a success at this weight-loss adventure I’ve resolved to do just that and start a Weight-loss “War” Journal. In other words, I’ve DECIDED to lose the weight and declare war (in a figurative constructive sense) on the problem. But to do that I need to slow down and create a journal. Thanks to Terry for providing incentive on this vital matter!

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