Thinking about Lightening the Load

Are you carrying too much? Is your plate full?  When we are holding a heavy load we may be causing ourselves unnecessary stress.  So how can we lighten up?

First cut out the non essentials.

Add in some humor to your life. Reading a few humor blogs may actually help you lighten your load.  Another technique is to watch 30 minutes of a situational comedy or schedule some time to talk to a friend who makes you laugh.

Learn to say no. Yes, practice the art of saying no. Don’t accept more when what you really need is less!

Enlist help or share the load.

Finally, maintain your good self-care practices.  This means  make sure you eat  healthy, sleep a decent amount and get at least a small amount of exercise.

Do you have any thoughts about lightening your load?



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2 responses to “Thinking about Lightening the Load

  1. Fred

    Terry makes an excellent point here with several valuable suggestions on lightening up in our busy times. I think that handling the stress of modern living is really the art of being true to yourself and doing what you enjoy most, even if it’s not your major occupation. For example, tonight I practiced singing and playing my trumpet. It doesn’t have to be long – just a few minutes. I’m not a professional musician, but it helps me regain a proper perspective. The little things that you do to be kind to yourself make a huge difference as a pressure valve for all the other stresses. Also there comes a breaking point, a threshold on what you can take. For example, in Toastmasters I’ve resisted the temptation to belong to many clubs. I only have belonged to the same club after 23 years, because I’d rather have a quality experience in one than a quantity experience in several. We should seek quality in our lives and not overstimulate ourselves. Seeking understimulating activities (reading, eating natural foods, conversations, soft music) are to me much more valuable than overstimulating activities (loud incessant TV, junk food, internet surfing and texting, loud boombox music). We can thus cultivate our quiet imaginative garden within and escape there frequently when the everyday stresses became overbearing.

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