Thinking About the “Un’s” in Life

Let’s take  a moment to think about the “Un’s” in our lives?

Here is a list of some “Un’s”:






How would it be if we had a day each week to look at the “Un’s” and work on them? What day would you choose?



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2 responses to “Thinking About the “Un’s” in Life

  1. Fred

    Terry raises a good issue that I’ve been wrestling with all my life. With all good intentions, the day that I should accomplish something would be a day like today – Furlough Friday – when I undo many of “un’s” such as being unresolved and undecided. However, all too often I end up accomplishing very little indeed from what I had so gloriously anticipated and envisioned earlier. Yes, I did do a couple of things today….like the highly undesirable task of tightening the stuck sprinkler valve and going shopping with my wife but it somehow seemed lacking in conviction and satisfaction compared to the long list of things that needed to be done. My feeling is that it’s not so much the day as the moment and your overall momentum in that moment that matters. In reality, we are not living in a day so much as in an elusive moment – it’s instantaneously here and then gone once again. Much of our effort is simply getting momentum to become engaged in a task. Once we are in the midst of the task – fully engaged – the moments of time fly by quickly with our great momentum and we are thus readily unsticking the “un’s” that Terry referred to in a very fulfilling and rapid way. I think we simply need to accept the times we are in the doldrums as a natural consequence of being human, and those sometimes happen most likely on our days off when we berate ourselves for not getting more done. But by good-naturedly accepting the down time as a means of centering, meditating, or unwinding ourselves (it’s hard to come up with an “un” word to describe this dormant state), then we will more likely be kind to ourselves and do the small steps necessary to regain momentum and once again live in the moment fully engaged and at one with ourselves as we happily battle our underlying unhappiness.

    • Fred,

      I really appreciate you bringing “unwinding” to our attention. Unwinding is a very important “Un”. Unwinding, is unlike the other “Un’s”. It is a useful and restful respite from what we may aspire to do. Unwinding every once in a while may actually help us get ready to go delve into the “Un”s.



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