Proactive Vs. Reactive

How are you spending your day? In a proactive or reactive way?

Some times being proactive is a great way to proceed. Other times being reactive is likely the best method. Proactiveness takes energy and thought. Reactiveness does not take advance thought, but you might want to filter your actions. Reactiveness is  likely good in times of low energy and creativity.

How are you going through your day today?


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One response to “Proactive Vs. Reactive

  1. Fred

    Terry has a wonderful insight here that’s true to everyday living. In the last couple of days, I’ve suffered more from the health problems of painful knee arthritis, so I was in a reactive mode. I pulled all the health tricks I knew to help myself through the slump by taking medications and leaving work early on sick leave. I found that the “reactive state” is a necessary bridge to the proactive one. Sometimes you must slow down, way down. An effective strategy is to focus your energy on taking tiny steps, resting or meditating in complete relaxation, doing tension release exercises, praying, or writing in a stream-0f-conscious style for half an hour. This is similar to the morning pages described in the wonderful book that came out about 10 years ago called The Artists’ Way (by Julie Cameron I believe is her name). To free up blocks, especially if you’re an artist, write for 30 minutes on anything or everything – just pour out your soul – in the morning. It can free up jammed feelings and stunted motivation. These strategies are all in the art of living of this crucial everyday living issue of overcoming the difficult reactive state so that you can become healthily proactive per Steven Covey’s first Habit (as in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). Thanks again to Terry for being a catalyst and getting us thinking about these matters so central to our happiness and sense of accomplishment.

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