Thinking Outside The Box

When is a good time to think outside the Box?

Thinking linearly may work for many standard tasks and processes. Yet we all have times we need to be inventive and become creative. Thinking outside the box is a way to challenge our thoughts.

So when do you think outside of the box?


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2 responses to “Thinking Outside The Box

  1. Fred

    Creative thinking cannot be forced. Many times creative thinking occurs when we are doing something else rather than confrontationally charging the hill to gain insight into a problem or creative activity. Often times I am at most creative when taking a walk, a shower, or in the early morning hours upon awakening. We can take a good clue from Sherlock Holmes, Sir Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth, in the novel Sign of the Four. When confronting a seeming insurmountable and perplexing conundrum of this case, Mr Holmes attacked the problem by doing something totally unrelated, namely performing chemistry experiments into the wee hours of the morning. It was only then that he was able to “think outside the box”, and the solution to his vexing problem appeared to him. Sometimes we need to use a skillful will rather than a strong will to think creatively. Also engaging in reading and playing a musical instrument, versus watching electronic visual entertainment, creates the mental milieu to stimulate and excite my artistic muse.

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