Focusing To Improve Our Productivity

We all need to focus on the activities we have to do. By focusing on the important and eliminating the unnecessary we can get more accomplished and feel better about what we are doing.

Here are three tips to make your more productive:

1) Look to improve the way you do things

Are you doing things the way you have always done them –  even though things have changed? By spending time analyzing the way you perform your tasks you may come up with better methods and ways. This may include how you store the supplies on your desk, or by checking out the updated features you can use on your software programs.

2) Learn to say no

Taking on too many tasks is sure to slow you down and make you less productive and effective. Take on only what you can handle and let go of the rest.

3) Don’t be a perfectionist

Fine tuning documents until they are “absolutely beyond perfect” may not be the best use of your time (unless they are financial spreadsheets or instructions regarding health and safety). Set some project time limits for those pieces of correspondence or complicated emails.


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One response to “Focusing To Improve Our Productivity

  1. Fred

    I like Terry’s ideas on improving productivity because they ring true from my own life experience. On tip 1, I’d say it may be important to make very small changes at first; if you think too big about totally revamping everything it may seem so overwhelming that you never even take the first step. On tip 2, it is very important to limit your involvement. If you have a passion that you need satisfied in your life, then do it by all means but not overextend yourself so that you get so burned out you would totally give it up. For example, I have a passion for Toastmasters but have limited my involvement to one club; I’ve said “No” numerous times over the years when asked to get more involved with other clubs and leadership positions. This has allowed me to pace and sustain myself for a life-long commitment. Tip 3 is a paradox. This hits home because I am a perfectionist. But Terry is right. A perfectionist ironically will become “more perfect” by consciously denying his or her perfectionist tendencies and instead boldly “get things done” and thereby in the process make the naturally occurring concomitant mistakes. The mistakes from bold action are what allow us to merge closer to the perfect ideal, not painstakingly treading on eggshells to avoid error and thus theoretically produce perfection on the first try. From the crucible of experience and of proactively “beating the bushes” to get the job done will rise the phoenix of our optimum perfection. As always, Terry incites and excites the thinking of her readers!

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