Thinking about What You’re Going to Say

A while back, Seth Godin and Tom Peters had an interesting discussion. I found Seth’s early statement about “meta cognition and thinking about what you’re going to say”, very relevant to “thinking”.



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2 responses to “Thinking about What You’re Going to Say

  1. Fred

    Terry points out wisely that metacognition is an important aspect of blogging. I believe this is because such an activity induces us to become more aware of our innermost intuitions by writing regularly among a vast interwoven network of potential readers. It differs from a diary in that you’re synergistically focused outwardly on communal issues rather than just addressing your own ego because you are inviting others to comment on what you wrote, thus creating the need for reaching out and serving others as well as yourself. Thus you are growing in an outward as well as an inward dimension. Also significant was the reference to a “micro-publishing platform”. Blogging is a set of very small stepping stones. You’re not storming the world but rather making cumulative positive little actions for a solid foundation that can serve as the basis for later explosive, exponential growth. That’s why I think Peters in part was so glowing in his personal commendation of blogging, even after having had such an extensive pre-blogging background. Thanks to Terry for sharing this fascinating and relevant clip with us.

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