Thinking about Normal

What is normal? According to one of my more enlightened friends – the only thing that is likely  to be “normal” is the washing machine setting with such a name. Actually after examining my own washing machine settings I am hesitant to even write this.

Normal is when we go about our day in a standard way. Normal is no deviation from the usual routines or patterns. Normal can be boring but normal can also be nice and safe.

How do you handle normal?


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One response to “Thinking about Normal

  1. Fred

    Terry brings up a good point, because normally we don’t think about normal, but focus on what is abnormal. But what is normal? If an alien were to observe what we earthlings do, would any of it be “normal”? I daresay not. But for us -individually – normal provides a stable frame of reference for defining ourselves and a safe homebase or shelter to protect ourselves in the storms of life. One wise person I knew once said that if things go too far awry or askew in life, or we get blown too far off course, go back to the basics….or return to the normal. In the normal routines and mores of life we can re-establish ourselves and bounce back from setbacks. Within that normal framework we can still seek our uniqueness and creativity, but we need that basic structure to determine what is unique and creative in the first place. Normal can be good, healthy and wholesome in that it provides the general direction we need in life.

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