Thinking about Free

I just skimmed the book Free by Chris Anderson. A lot of “free” media attention has been given because of the supposed squabble between Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Free author Chris Anderson (Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine).

Awake@The Wheel Blogger Jonathan Fields had an interesting post on this recently. His site  generated lots of interesting comments but few readers it seems, had actually read the book.

The premise of Free is that you should be invested in “Free” – Free being giving away part of what you have. By giving away, you actually may make something or my takeaway is free may make you or your company even more.

I read the book on ScribD, which is a social media publishing platform. The link to the full version of the book Free is here. I suggest you go to slideshow view for easy reading or go to Amazon and pay for it.

Anyway, Free has lots of interesting information that may be useful for you or your clients to know, understand or process. It reminds me of Godin’s and Gladwell’s  wonderful books in terms of how it is laid out. The stories and examples behind each concept are similar in style.

I especially like to think about Rule 4 – Part of the Ten Rules of Abundance Thinking. Rule 4 states:

4. You can make money from Free!

People will pay to save time.  People will pay to lower risk.  People will pay for status. People will pay if you make them (once they’re are hooked). There are countless ways to make money around Free…..Free opens doors reaching new consumers. It doesn’t mean you can’t charge some of them.

Whether you get this book “free” or decide to actually pay for it, it is well worth the read.


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