More on The Game of Scrabble®

The following is a follow-up guest post from Fred Beiderbecke of California.

Successful Scrabble® strategies form a parallel metaphor to success in our lives. By helping your partner develop the tiles in a more balanced way around the board, you open up win-win opportunities for both players. As Terry suggests in her earlier posting, getting everyone cornered in one area is a lose-lose situation – and it’s not as much fun as sacrificially opening the board!

Another life lesson about Scrabble® is your richness of associations gathered through reading and conversations over the years. Reading strengthens your inner voice and intuition so that you can recognize and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. That is, with richness of associations you can imagine a high scoring word just as you can imagine a highly beneficial course of action for your business or personal lives. Likewise, Scrabble® teaches you patience to save a security margin for when you’re in a pinch. In Scrabble®, it’s saving your blank tiles. In life, it may mean saving enough emergency fund or investing conservatively or diversely so that you can weather out economic crises such as the one we’re now enduring.

Thanks to Fred Beiderbecke for his insightful comments.

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