The expression by Horrace  “Don’t think – just do”  is contrary to our common understanding of thought. Underthinking causes us wasted time and trouble. Under thinking is dangerous.

Underthinking may be good when we we are doing standard tasks such as dusting the workspace or shredding a backlog of papers. However, a moment of thought, a nanosecond of  conscious time,  spent checking the physical space may save us from breaking a precariously placed mug  or from shredding an important waylaid document.

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One response to “Underthinking

  1. Fred

    Terry’s concepts of overthinking and underthinking are very valuable, especially to those tend to be by their natures – such as myself – deep thinkers. If you do engage habitually in deep thinking, then underthinking is a valuable strategy. You develop a simple routine to “get things done” which is liberating in freeing the gridlock of too many alternatives that can come to the concious mind. A deep thinker has a powerful subconcious to guide him or herself. Eventually acting through “underthinking” creates new opportunities and reduces the possibility of analysis paralysis or “chasing your tail” cyclic thinking. This relates well to Covey’s first principle of being proactive. I think underthinking is also powerful when you are in grief or crisis. After my first wife died in 1978 my strategy was this “underthinking” . My motto was “get it done”. I just stayed busy. It worked and I accomplished much more than I would have ever thought possible. Thanks, Terry, for these great ideas which are so applicable to our everyday living.

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